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We find that we don’t have a high turnover in our staff team here at Windward Day Services because once people are here they tend to stay!! But as we carry on growing and continue on our quest to provide opportunities for people who would love to be a part of our community – we often need more staff to join our amazing team.

We always encourage any potential member of our staff team to bring their own personalities and any special skills they may have, or if you have an interest or hobby that you would bring along – we would love to hear about it!!

Just one of the reasons our staff team find themselves so happy at Windward is that we are very much a Family Friendly organisation and offer opportunities’ to be part of family-centered initiatives such as Flexible Working– including annualised hours, homeworking, and flexi-hours where possible. Flexible Working in times of Need– such as hospital appointments, times when a parent is needed elsewhere, sports days or emotional crisis. There are Work Experience Opportunities- where teenagers are offered the chance to take part in paid work experience (where applicable).  All of our staff have a very strong social bond outside of working hours and we like to organise Family Days Out– where we can all get together, enjoy ourselves and continue to strengthen that bond. Caring Responsibilities’ is another initiative- which involves providing career breaks to people who have to take time off to care for older relatives as well as young. Also if a family member of an employee has a particular set of skills or qualifications, such as completing a marketing course at University, we would try to offer opportunities to get a foot on the ladder with our Skill Potential Scheme.

Please check out the staff gallery……and who knows, one day you could enjoy coming to work as much as we do!!

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